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Humbly make a good dram to preserve Taiwan history


 The TV history series "Taiwan Story" tells fours stories in four eras in Taiwan and was directed by the 85-year-ol...
Humbly make a good dram to preserve Taiwan history

   ▲ Humbly make a good dram to preserve Taiwan history

2020-2-27 / 八馬公司編輯部


The TV history series "Taiwan Story" tells fours stories in four eras in Taiwan and was directed by the 85-year-old director Fudi Lin, who is the godfather of the performing arts. The TV series that cost 80 million NT dollars, will be broadcast at 8 o'clock on February 6th on TTV Main Channel.


The interpretation of the history of a hundred years, “Taiwan Story”


The four letters of the Chinese titles of “Taiwan Story” were taken from the first letter of Teng Yu-hsien’s famous songs of “Blushing the Year Round”, “Sorrow in the moonlight”, “Longing for the Spring Breeze” and “Rainy Night Flower.” These songs are passionately rhyme.


Born in 1934, the 85-year-old director Fudi Lin has already directed nearly a hundred Chinese and Taiwanese films and TV series in his life. Fudi Lin's style is close to the Japanese master Ozu Yasujirō’s. He is good at telling the stories of ordinary people. It might seem a bit rough on the edges, but his appeal of these twist and turns had made us fall passionately in love with these characters along the way.


“Stars Know My Heart”, “Never Say Goodbye”, “See A-Lang Again” are Fudi Lin's representative works. These TV series were all the rage in 1980s and bringing tears to the audiences’ eyes. Many classic scenes are still fresh in the audiences’ memories.


A wish of working hard for many years


As an audience-rating record breaker and a mentor in the film& TV industry, there is still one wish that Fudi Lin had that hasn’t been fulfilled. He hopes to make a different film to end his filming career and makes it become a witness to history for the land where he lived. He wants to write the history for Taiwan in a dramatic way.


Few people would take the risk to invest in these old-time drams when they learn that there will little investment returns. No one comes to grant him the most important wish in his life, not even the government.


Fudi Lin's wish which has been concealed in his heart became active again after meeting Dr. Willy Wang. He got a chance to make his dream come true with the the support of Dr. Willy Wang.


“Taiwan Story” officially started filming In March 2017 and was completed at the end of the year. After a long time of editing and post-production, this TV series which was based on the real history will finally meet the audiences.


The debut of Taiwan Stories is coming soon.


It will take a while for general audience who have been watching Korean dramas and Hollywood movies to get used to the ways that Lin depicts a story. However, when the story starts to unfolded ahead, everyone who was born and raised here in this land, will feel the strong tie to their ancestors, the history, and the land. The stories belong to this land and comes alive on this land is more powerful and natural than the romantic of Korean dramas and the special effects of Hollywood sci-fi movies. The empathy towards the land, characters, and plot will undoubtedly makes “Taiwan Story” go viral.



On February 5, 2020, Taiwan Television Enterprise, Ltd. held a press conference for the debut of "Taiwan Story."


Dr. Willy Wang attended the press conference as the producer of “Taiwan Story” and the chairman of End of Map Co., Ltd.


Digest of Dr. Willy Wang's speech:


End of Map Co., Ltd. is a small company that has just started. The name of our company is named after our first movie "Never Ending Road" which was directed by Director Chih-Yung Chang who is also one of the guests at the press conference. This work will be valuable in the history because it is a professional film that portrays the value of MLM industry.


This movie will be highly praised as it is a movie that portrays the life of a networker. 


“Taiwan Story” which was directed by Fudi Lin is the second work of End of Map Co., Ltd. Everyone knows that Fudi Lin was at his prime time when he directed “Stars know my heart”.


Fudi Lin is now eighty-five years old, so the biggest accomplishment to make this drama is an old director who could find the most famous actors in three generations in Taiwan to act together in these TV series.


This TV series tell the history of Taiwan is the reason I would invest in. It shows four important parts of Taiwanese history. I was tearing as I watched.


Now, we are all looking for a bright future for Taiwan. However, if you don’t know where we were coming from, how do you know where are you heading?


This drama lets young people review their own history and know where we came from. Then there is a way to show us where will we be in the future. We don’t need to be helped to locate, we have to do it by ourselves.


This serves us as a beacon to light our way.


Some people might say that our future is determined by 1.4 billion people, but we said no. This should be decided by 23 million people. 


But how? Generation after generation, these songs sang by “Taiwan Story” were just not their cup of tea. Director Fudi Lin is now 85 and I am already 71 year old, step by step we want to tell the story of how we came thus far.


We must leave some legacy for them.


I am not looking forward to high ratings tomorrow. However, I hope everyone tell others this is a TV series that all of us must watch.


I am also looking forward to Director Fudi Lin to make another film when he is 90 years old and I am willing to invest too, but it depends on Director Fudi Lin’s health.


I have high expectations of young people I hope they the news will be circulated around their friends that at 8:00 pm, tomorrow, (February 6th.), be sure to turn on your TV and see how we try to leave something for the history with this drama. I also hope the press can recommend the history of Taiwan. Entice everyone to watch at Taiwan from the history point of view.


Digest of Director Fudi Lin's speech:


I should have retired a long time ago.


I was very fortunate to meet Dr. Willy Wang and to get his support with a big amount of money. There is nobody spending so much money on this kind of TV series except him in TV & Film industry in Taiwan. He is brave and afraid of nothing. He is simple, so I dare to be simple with him. On the other hand, maybe we can say that he dares to be simple with me. Both of us are simple, and just want to make a good film.


In fact, I have been waiting a chance to make the film a long time ago. I have prepared for a film called “Taiwan's 400 Year History” after completing ”Stars Know My Heart” and “The Hometown of the Star.” However, it costs too much money to shoot. I have already discussed it with Executive Yuan for many times. I hope our country to make this film because it’s very sad that Taiwanese don’t understand the history of Taiwan. In the end, I still can’t find the way to do it.


In “Taiwan Story,” I finally have a chance to use four songs to interpret the story of the last century in Taiwan modern history. Use the simplest little stories to interpret the history of the hundred year.

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