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The Answer of a Centennial Enterprise


Total Swiss has been a series of question and exclamation marks to the rivals, peers, the society, prosecutors, and mark...
The Answer of a Centennial Enterprise

   ▲ The Answer of a Centennial Enterprise

2020-3-03 / 八馬公司編輯部

八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) has been a series of question and exclamation marks to the rivals, peers, the society, prosecutors, and markets in the world since being established more than nine years ago.


Why can 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) reborn and be founded at the end of the road?

When Dr. Willy Wang was still working for later opponents as a partner in 2009, the later opponents attack him by sudden unannounced investigation, unwarned stopping supplies providing, shutting down the computer system. After using the killer move, the opponent was confident in that Dr. Willy Wang would be caught off guard and even be put to death in the industry.


However, Dr. Willy Wang gave an exclamation mark to his opponent. He quickly established his own brand 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) and found factory in Switzerland to produce three kinds of nutrition which became the top selling products.




How can 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) become the strongest legendary dark horse in MLM history?

When the opponent kept biting and brought 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) to the Intellectual Property Court, trying to accuse and destroy 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) as soon as possible during its pioneering stage, 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) has already been stable and become a legendary dark horse in the history of Taiwan's MLM industry.




How can 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) continue to multiply many times over and make elephants dance?

八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) had kept elephants dancing when they already have wonderful performance in 2014 and 2015.




Why can 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) turn calamities into blessings and grow against the trend?

The opponents of 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) and the organ of prosecution and investigation team up to bash 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) in 2016. Both think they can destroy 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) with one shot. But as it turns out that they are both wrong. 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) not only survived with amazing toughness, but also achieved a 9% growth against the trend which made 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) improved from seventh place to fourth place in Taiwan MLM markert.




Why can 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) earn money in the whole world and represent the hope of Taiwan’s MLM market?

For now, 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) ranks second place in the local market in Taiwan, however, Pro-Partner, which ranks first in the country, does not have a transnational market.  According to the latest Direct Selling Century Magazine, the annual revenue of 439 million US dollars of 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) in 13 overseas companies ranked 47th in global MLM market and is also the well-deserved chief representative in the global MLM market in Taiwan.




Everything happens for a reason. Including the tangling opponents, American companies which were surpassed by 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) without preparation, Taiwanese companies which want to learn from 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss)’s experiences, the MLM markets in more than a dozen countries where 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) established bases, the academia, the media and the organ of prosecution and investigation which bash 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss), they want to find out the reason in the question marks and exclamation marks.

The more important thing is the people who hope themselves are healthy, have hope in MLM markets and even being failed in MLM markets want to find out the reason and the answer.

Some partners gave up when they face others’ doubts. They did not know that the people who doubt the products are the buyers. The non-believers and the doubters and actually the ones who want to know the reason why 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) can become a century-old enterprise.

To give them the answer is to give him a chance. They will soon become the pillar rock in midstream of 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) after they get the answer and gain confidence and motivation.

To find out the differences between 八馬國際公司(Total Swiss) and others and the answer for why Totals Swiss can be a century-old enterprise is also the main content of this TSNews topic.

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